Colts players pose for a “team photo” after shaving their heads earlier this week as a tribute to Coach Chuck Pagano. (Photo: Indianapolis Colts)

It’s amazing what you learn when you don’t watch a game from the the press box at Lucas Oil Stadium, where a flyover is actually a flyunder.

For example:

>> Who knew Mike Mayock had a foot fetish? Seriously, has anyone ever heard a man talk about another man’s feet as much as Mayock droned on about Darius Butler? Did he wear high heels at his pro day? Personally, I was more impressed by his hands. A defensive back that can actually catch the ball? Give that man a long-term contract. Or at least another couple of weeks in the starting lineup.

>> Bald is beautiful. Some of us have known this (or desperately believed it) for a long time but it’s good to see the Colts get on board as a tribute to Chuck Pagano – although Reggie Wayne and Cory Redding didn’t exactly have to make a major sacrifice. Andrew Luck, on the other hand …

>> While we’re on the subject, of the many skills Luck possesses – and he fell just short of walking on water in the eyes of the NFL Network panelists – the most impressive (at least to me) is the guy’s ability to re-grow hair. In 24 hours after shaving his head Luck grew more hair than I’ve somehow managed in 54 years. Dude must have some chia in him.

>> I will go on record as saying I am not a fan of limited use of replay. Either review everything or review nothing, otherwise the game is as compromised as the system. That being said, how is it possible the same replay officials that need 45 minutes to determine how far the ball must move on a five-yard penalty (hint: five yards) can make a decision on critical, iffy scoring plays in a less time than it takes Mayock to come up with another Butler foot reference?

>> When the league office throws its big party at the end of the year, Luck should be invited because he is generating a big pile of petty cash. Four opponents already have been fined for hits on Luck, and it’s possible at least one more – maybe two – will be added to the coffers this week. And the thing is, he never seems phased, which really has to irritate the defenders. When you lay one on a quarterback, the last thing you want to see is a smile, a handshake and a “nice pop” coming back at you.

>> The Colts are 5-0 when they run the ball at least 30 times. And I take back everything I’ve ever said about Donald Brown. Turns out, he really is pretty good. But Vick Ballard just might be better.

>> Speaking of Marshall Faulk (OK, maybe not so much), isn’t it amusing to see guys that were aloof, moody and churlish as players become smiling charmers as broadcasters? Got to give 28 his props, though, because he summarized the Colts’ season better than any of the others: “When you look at this team, I mean, you really don’t see a lot. They don’t show you a lot. There’s not a lot of flash out there. … They don’t do a lot but at 6-3 they control their own fate as far as getting to the playoffs.”

>> On the other side of the coin there is Deion Sanders, who never lacked for personality but apparently is not much of a student of the game. At halftime, he ripped “whoever calls the plays” for the Jaguars. Is it really possible he did not notice Jags head coach Mike Mularkey heaving his play sheets (and headphones, and everything but the challenge flag) onto the field after Luck’s fourth-and-inches touchdown sneak? That was a pretty big hint.

>> Remember after the Colts beat the Packers and we all looked at those next five “winnable games” with lust in our hearts? After the pounding by the Jets, it didn’t look so good but, lo and behold, the Colts won the next four. Of course, the final seven games aren’t quite as seductive, thanks to trips to New England next Sunday, Detroit on Dec. 2 and Houston on Dec. 16. The bandwagon’s ride is going to get a bit bumpy, so buckle up.

>> Last year’s top pick: Blaine Gabbert. This year’s top pick: Justin Blackmon. And that, in a nutshell, explains the Jaguars.

>> If there is a football god, he may not necessarily favor the Colts, but he certainly does not think much of the Jaguars. This is a team that catches breaks like the Colts’ defensive backs catch passes – or used to, before Darius Butler and his beautiful feet came along.


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