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Admittedly, I was trying to have a little fun on Twitter, lighten the mood and give Colts fans a chance to chime in while also measuring their true response to the 44-20 loss to Buffalo on Sunday.

So I put out a tweet Monday morning asking fans to submit their best one-word descriptions for the performance. My choice, as you could see from the postgame blog, was “inauspicious.”

There were no shortage of responses from fans who offered up a number of excellent choices: pathetic, yikes, cryinggame, fluke, irrelevant, typiColt, backupsecondarysucks, overpriced, insignificant, preseason, lackluster, frisbeedogs, disappointment, buffaloed, ripoff, meaningless, yawn, rusty, traditional, typical, Fleener and my personal favorite, poopy.

Owner Jim Irsay offered his own choice via Twitter: crap.

At 1:56 p.m. Monday, Irsay tweeted:

“Many starters played briefly or were nursing little injuries,but it was a crap performance,my apologies/My commanders got n earful from me!”

He probably isn’t much happier today with the news the NFL forced the Colts to activate running back Ahmad Bradshaw from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list because they mistakenly allowed him to take handoffs in a walk-through on Aug. 4, a violation of league rules.

While not exactly an inspiring start to the preseason, was it really as bad as all that?

When the front-line players were on the field, the Colts fared relatively well. Andrew Luck managed two series and had the team in position to score on the second when Coby Fleener fumbled after a reception at the Buffalo 21-yard line.

After the defense came up with a turnover when Aubrayo Franklin recovered a C.J. Spiller fumble at the Bills’ 24, Matt Hasselbeck checked in and again the Colts had a golden opportunity botched by Fleener, who gator-armed what should’ve been a touchdown reception.

On his second series, Hasselbeck hit T.Y. Hilton on a beautiful 45-yard touchdown pass that the young receiver laid out for, secured and protected while bouncing along the turf into the end zone, and the Colts led 10-3 after the opening period.

Once Chandler Harnish checked in with the deep reserves, things went south in a hurry for the offense and the defense offered little in the way of support. Special teams allowed two long kickoff returns, including a 107-yard touchdown, but as former Colts Coach Rick Venturi pointed out yesterday during the Grady and Big Joe Show, the Colts have been shredded by injuries to linebackers and safeties, players that typically play a major role on special teams.

The second half was, in a word, awful.

The final score was, in a word, ridiculous.

The result in and of itself was, to use one of Bill Polian’s favorite words, inconsequential.

Irsay has a right, frankly the ultimate right, to his opinion. He is the big boss. And if in his opinion it looks like it, feels like and smells like it, well, time to get out the scooper.



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  1. Gator armed? What game were you watching? Fleener extended to catch the ball with his hands, which he did. The defender made an excellent play to knock it out of his hands before he could bring it in.

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